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Year 2235. Humanity has adapted its society to a planet lacking of resources. Devastated by a drastic climate change caused by the impact of a large asteroid, the skies drowned and were deprived of sunlight.

The survival of humanity goes through energy. This has become the currency to get light and heat, as well as food.

A privileged minority is organized into dynasties ruled by the Nagul council. They are whole families that control most of the resources and for which getting energy is as easy as pressing a button.

However, the rest of the world must fight to survive in this dark world. Inspired by ancient Rome and with the goal of having fun, the Nagul invented a dangerous game in which the ordinary people can participate as a last chance to obtain, in case of victory, the precious currency.

In a frantic race to get energy capsules, only a few heroes decide to voluntarily participate in the Kaladhras Game. This means dealing with assaults against the clock in an inter-dimensional battlefield, in which there are continuous attacks by holographic assassins and all kind of dangers. The problem is that…

... one rarely survives.

You are Uldur, a natural born fighter and a man of challenges that will help his family by risking his life in the Kaladhras Game. Just armed with his ingenuity and skill, he will guide his spaceshift to overcome all dangers and achieve the desired energy that will save the lives of the most precious people for him.