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About Sea Dreams Games


Sea Dreams Games is a 100% Spanish independent videogame studio, founded in 2018 in Madrid by three friends eager to fill those little spare moments of people and making the imagination, action, passion and fun flow.

Specialized in videogames for mobile devices, we combine attention to detail with quality work, pushing our creative and effort capacity to the limit to fill your lives with excitement and entertainment.

Our dream and our hope is to continue creating new games and experiences providing novelty, innovation and lots of fun.

We will listen to you.


The Team members are


Captain Zendra, the thinking head that brings balance and is always helping in everything. Email:

Captain Kybek, is the technical brain and the master capable of transforming any dream into a video game reality. Email:

Captain Bowan, gamer and  commercial & marketing surviver who shares and communicates our dreams. Email: